About Us


Welcome to Skin-E, where we soothe your body and skin. I founded Skin-E after I realized that I was spending way to much money on hair and skin products that didn't work well for my family's needs.

I had 5 children in my home plus my SO and myself, all with different hair types and needs. I was spending so much money on so many different products and none really worked. One day i decided to watch some videos and learn how to formulate something that would work for all of us and my Herbal Hair Butter was born.


A year later I was fed up with  dealing with my sons eczema and nothing that I tried worked. It either took days for relief or it burned on application. After a lot of research I decided to take a go at making my own. It worked within 24hrs and it didn't burn his skin.


 After tragedy struck with the pandemic I expanded my hobby to making herbal teas that help heal your body from the inside. . I provide specific types of teas that help build your immune system

All of our products are sustainably resourced and some of them are even grown in my own personal garden with no chemicals or pesticides. I have used some of these products for my family for a few years now and I decided to share with others who might also have some of the same issues.


Please feel free to join our tribe we would love for you to be a part of our family.

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