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How does Eczema affect me

In this edition we talk about Eczema and how we use our products to help deal with the issue. Eczema is described as an atopic dermatitis that is red and itchy. It flares periodically and may come with asthma and hay fever. People who struggle with eczema and psoriasis deal with gene variations that affects the skins ability to provide protection. This variant allows environmental, and irritating allergens to affect the skin.

Eczema affects about 30% of our population and is often associated with the beginning of the atopic march (dermatitis, hay fever, and finally asthma). People with eczema have an increased risk of IBD, RA, alopecia areata, behavioral or psychiatric disorder, ADHD and depression. Having a parent with atopic dermatitis, asthma or hay fever increases chances that a person will pass it along to their children.

The Epidermis acts like a barrier to help minimize water loss and protect the body from foreign substances like toxins, bacteria, and allergens. People with eczema lack the barrier needed to protect their skin. Skin-E herbal cream was designed to help restore moisture to the skin while soothing and healing. Our main ingredient is white shea butter. In our first newsletter we discussed the different types of shea butter and how they help your skin. It is excellent for sensitive, aging, bruised, dry, or peeling skin. When the skin lacks the ability to retain moisture and protect itself, it leaves the body open for skin and fungal infections.

Studies have shown that 60-90% of people with Atopic Dermatitis likely have staph bacteria on the skin. Our herbal salt bath is designed with herbs that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibiotic properties that treat eczema, skin irritations, ringworm, rashes, burns and acne. The salt combination helps to exfoliate, soften, balance ph, eliminate, detox, and draw toxins and pollutants from the body. It also helps relax muscles, prevent spasms, ease pain, promote circulation, and reduce anxiety.

Whether you are a parent that has a child with eczema or dealing with it yourself, we understand that it is a daily struggle. As a parent of a child with this skin condition, it does become hard to decide what products will work and which ones are just not worth the time. While I spent many hours researching how I could help my child, I realized that it wasn't just one thing that we needed to be doing.

Daily care is also vital to help the body to build immunity to reduce the likeliness that you would also become sick. In our next edition, we will discuss how our tea blends help to treat immunity issues. As you get to know our products, we will discuss more ways and tips that we can help you or your family deal with these issues. I look forward to seeing you guys on our Instagram page @skinnybwrites.

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