Tired of sore achy muscles? Our specially formulated spray works almost immediately to reduce sore and over worked muscles. We use premium magnesium and our signature oil blend to create a soothing massage oil.

Ingredients include magnesium chloride, coconut or avacado oil and distilled water.

Magnesium Please

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  • How can this spray help me?

    This oil really packs a punch, with the ability to help fight fibromyalgia, promote a good night sleep, prevent asthma, reduce inflammation, ease migraines, and treat skin issues. Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that is important for many of our bodily systems especially the muscle and nervous system. Our Ava-Mag/Soco-Mag spray can improve levels of magnesium in the blood and reduce stress anxiety by suppressing the release of stress hormones. This spray is best absorbed through the feet and torso however it can be used all over your body including on your temples for migraines.